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I promise to continue to support and spread the word about The 40 Developmental Assets initiative.
Leon Chandler
12/15/11 at 5:41 PM
I promise to incorporate students in community decisions.
Daniel T. Drew
12/15/11 at 5:25 PM
I promise to do my part to bring the Developmental Assets program to the next level in our community.
Gene Nocera
12/15/11 at 5:24 PM
I promise to show interest in what each young person is thinking and doing and how I can help them.
Grady Faulkner
12/15/11 at 5:21 PM
I promise to make time and listen.
Joseph Samolis
12/15/11 at 5:19 PM
I promise to promote positive messages about youth in Middletown.
Ava Hart
12/15/11 at 5:18 PM
I promise to support the endeavors of the young people I come in contact with.
Cheryl McClellan
12/15/11 at 5:17 PM
I am the advisor of Students Supporting students - and we focus on asset building - we will be collecting items for the Ronald McDonald Home and Faith Lodge this month - as we focus on - Helping and Caring for others
Randi Stanley
11/01/11 at 8:54 AM
I promise to spend more one on one time with youth in the community.
Sheryl Sprague
07/15/11 at 1:55 PM
I promise to seek to arrange presentations by YSB Coordinator Justin Carbonella before community settings.
Arthur Meyers
07/15/11 at 1:54 PM