Pastor Wynn

Personal commitment to cultivating youth development.

For someone who works both as a business owner and a pastor, "too busy" could happen pretty quickly, but not for Mitchell Wynn. Pastor Wynn, who presides over the Mount Olive Church of Christ and owns Mike's Barber Shop on Main Street, has also been an active volunteer in the Middletown Public School system.

It started with morning visits to Middletown High School to meet with students, who may have found themselves in some trouble, to reflect on what happened and what other incidents may have sparked such behavior. A personal commitment to youth development has cultivated greater understanding and awareness of behavioral risks.

Pastor Wynn also regularly provides a very asset friendly environment in his barber shop. From employing young boys to help out in the store to posting a "no swearing" sign on his mirror, he always remains conscious of his role in supporting and guiding young people.