Mark Proffitt

Investing in building relationships with students' families.

It started with a handful of incidents all stemming from Bus 33. For Mark Proffitt, the former principal at Spencer Elementary School, it could have easily turned into more paperwork and a few lunch detentions. But as the complaints became more frequent, so did his visits to the neighborhood where the bus route originated. "I found out that the bus picked up our students from Traverse Square, so I decided I should visit the neighborhood and introduce myself to the families," Mark notes as he thinks back. "I couldn't be just a voice on the phone telling parents their kid was in trouble."

What Mark began to see as a result was a number of things, "First of all the bus itself became a non-issue, but I also saw parents who became more involved in their child's education." Mark's investment in building relationships with his students' parents started with a visit to each home, greeting them with a smile and a handshake as opposed to a phone call home to report something negative. As result, his job became easier, but he also created lasting relationships and memories that will deepen our community's appreciation for each other.